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How to Change Tracking Intervals

Now in the Bivy App, you can select one of the 5 new tracking intervals. 


  1. To change the tracking interval, the Bivy stick must be ON and CONNECTED to your phone. 
  2. Open the app and go to the STICK menu (Located in the bottom tabs)
  3. Click connect now. A Bluetooth screen opens. Click "Connect." 
  4. In the middle of the screen, under "TRACKING INTERVAL," the default is set to 10 minutes. 
  5. To change the tracking interval, open the drop down menu, and select the desired tracking setting.      
  6. The tracking interval is now changed and set in the device. 

Tracking with just the Bivy Stick

  1. Hold the check-in button for 5 seconds and the status light will start flashing blue. 
  2. To stop tracking, hold the check-in button for 5 seconds. 
Device tracking remembers last interval set in the app