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How to Charge Your Bivy Stick

  1. On the bottom of the Bivy Stick, open the USB flap next to the SOS. 
  2. Plug in your USB-C cable with any standard wall adapter and your Bivy Stick will begin charging. 
  3. The power button will blink and change to solid green when it is fully charged. 
WARNING: Applying a voltage higher than 5V will result in damage to the device.

Preserving your Battery:

  1. Do not allow the battery to be fully discharged for more than one day. 
  2. Do not allow fully charged batteries to sit for extended periods of time (months). 
  3. If batteries must be stored, store at a 40% capacity.
  4. When storing for long periods of time, apply a discharge/charge once every 1-3 months.