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How to Send a Check-in Message

Sending a check-in message is super easy. Check-in messages include your GPS location and a link that shows your location on a map. Check-in's are always UNLIMITED and FREE!

Bivy Stick

  1. On the device, press the check-in button. 
  2. The status light will start to blink yellow. 
  3. The status light will continue to blink yellow until the message sends. 
Note: If the signal light goes off before your message sends you can quickly press the power button to wake up the modem so it will continue to look for a signal and send your message. 


  1. In the app, you can press "Send Check-in" in the stick menu. 
  2. You can also send a check-in while you're in the messages menu by pressing the blue CHECK-IN button in the top menu.