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How to Send and Receive Messages

Sending Messages: 

Sending messages is quick and easy. 

  1. Go to the messages tab and click the new message icon. 
  2. In the "To:" field, start typing your contact and select their phone number or email. 
  3. Type your message and hit send by pressing the "send" icon on the right. 
  4. Pressing the "Location" icon will add your GPS coordinates to the message field. 
Once you send your message the "signal light" will light up and the "status light" will blink yellow. The status light will continue to blink yellow until the message sends.
If the signal light goes off before your message sends you can quickly press the power button to wake up the modem so it will continue to look for a signal and send your message.

Receiving Messages: 

  1. When you send a message, your Bivy Stick checks if you have received a message. 
  2. Every 15 minutes, the Bivy Stick will wake up and check for messages. 
  3. If you are waiting on an urgent message, you can do a manual mailbox check by pressing the "Mail Check" button (The envelope icon in the messages tab). The mailbox check will ping the satellite system for any message in your queue. 6 mailbox checks equal 1 credit.